Possible new treatment for hepatitis C on the horizon

May 31st, 2013

Possible new treatment for hepatitis C on the horizon

Today’s announcement by Achillion Pharmaceuticals that it’s testing a new treatment for hepatitis C is promising news.  The company plans to complete regulatory submissions during the first quarter of 2014, with first-in-human studies anticipated in the first half of 2014, followed by combination development in the second half of the year.

This new compound – sovaprevir – is a small molecule nucleotide and potentially very potent for the treatment of hepatitis C. It’s this, coupled with the fact that there aren’t many companies testing nucleotide treatments, that makes it an exciting prospect.

It’s an interesting time in the development of treatments for hepatitis C, and great news that another pharmaceutical company is focusing on developing treatments for the virus. Competition can only mean progress in the fight to prevent and cure hepatitis C.

Photo credit Truthout.org

  • shal

    how can we sign up to be part of the study. I can not afford to go to the doctor and have not seen a doc in years so any help would be appreciated. I did the ribaviran study years ago but the hep came back

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